Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sweeney Todd

While I was in All Shook Up, Tammy and Holly mentioned that they wanted to do Sweeney Todd.

I told them I would LOVE to help direct the chorus.

Of course, I wanted to be in the show too.

So right now, I am enjoying one of the most stressful responsibilities I have ever faced. I have spent the last four weeks teaching the cast some of the most difficult music in all of musical theatre history. If you doubt it, listen to this particular gem on youtube:

A Performance "The Letter"

In addition to that, I am playing Mrs. Lovett. I adore this part. It is incredible, but I am at my wit's end trying to find a way to direct the music and play this amazing part at the same time. So far, so good. This is the part of life that I feel I'm good at. I'll post about my lesser strengths later.

Come and see it. It will be amazing. This cast is just wonderful. We open October 28th and play through November 12th. Visit Midvale Main Street Theatre for tickets and information. 

Last night,  our cast performed The Letter.  I was amazed. We still have a month left, but the music is perfection right now. There are other parts of the show that need some work. "God That's Good!" is still kicking our little tushies.  I swear Sondheim changes the key 10 times during the song. I sit there plunking away at the piano, and realize that the key signature no longer has 5 flats, it's now got 6 sharps. It's at this point that I begin randomly swearing and screaming. The cast has grown accustomed to my vulgar fits. They're so sweet.

But really--6 sharps? And then on top of that, he throws in random double flats and double sharps.

Throw the tenor treble clef in there where I have to transpose all their music down to the bass clef and I'm ready to throw a hissy fit.

Oh! And forget trying to figure out if it's 4/4 or 6/8. Half the time it's in 5/12!  (It's a wonder I don't leave rehearsal with a migraine.) But we usually manage to feel things out and luckily when I'm ready to explode, one of the cast members will step forward and help me find the right counts. It's such a privilege working with this group.

Las Vegas

Last week, my company took a large group of us to Las Vegas where we stayed at the Pallazzo. We watched Cirque du Soleil (my first time), I went to the spa, I read by the pool, danced, ate amazing food, and read by the pool some more. The suites were gorgeous! It was an amazing experience.

On Saturday night, I didn't make any plans. At 5pm, I left the Cabana by the pool and wandered over to the spa. I spent two hours wandering in a giant plush terry cloth robe from one room to the next. One room would have giant lounging chairs to read on. Another room was stone with heat oozing from the stones. Another room had chairs in the shapes of waves that you could lay back on and watch reflections of water rush in around a drain, over and over again. The Igloo room provided a cool herbal shower. The Crystal Steam room was hot and steamy. The Swedish Sauna was hot and dry. One room had showers: carribean storm, tropical rain storm, and some light rain option that I can't remember. And of course there was the hot tub. I was a happy little nudist bouncing from one room to the next.

After the spa, I went to find something to eat. Instead of saving money, (which I should have done), I decided to find a nice restaurant. I wandered into Emeril's restaurant and asked for a seat at the bar facing the kitchen. I spent the meal reading and watching the chefs run like mad around the kitchen. The food was incredible. I enjoyed a filet mignon and a banana cream pie. The chef across from me began to chit chat amicably after the rush died down. It was amazing to watch him cook my steak from start to finish. So cool! I was the only one at the counter, because everyone else was in a large party, laughing and enjoying the food at a table. I feel like I enjoyed the better experience though. Sometimes being alone has its definite perks.

Friday night, we ate dinner at a beautiful Italian restaurant. I enjoyed homemade pasta. It was incredible! The company paid for everything. My coworkers enjoyed unlimited amounts of red and white wine. I enjoyed unlimited amounts of water! :)

After dinner, we all dressed for the club and went to Club Lavo. The club was okay. It was packed to the hilt. And we were packed in like cattle. I loved the theme. As you walk into the club, there are beautiful old faucets running. It's difficult to describe. At the club, ladies in Grecian robes pretend to bath themselves in front of you. And of course, the cocktail waitresses were all in black lingerie, because what else are you going to serve drinks in?

It was an amazing weekend.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


From Drop Box

Moab was wonderful. I haven't been load all my pics to picasa yet because my phone is being bratty. But I will! More to come!