Saturday, September 28, 2013

Happy Birthday American Shakespeare Center!

Words are hard this morning.

Today is the American Shakespeare Center's 25th Birthday!

I'm trying to find the words to express my fondness for this company and my time spent working on the Blackfriars stage.

I met amazing people. I heard beautiful stories told in clever and creative ways. I learned core theatrical values. I studied under respected teachers and actors who taught through example.

And I took a lot of pretty pictures. So, I'm gonna stop using words and just pull up some old photos of my time in Staunton, VA.  Many of these are headshots I took of friends and fellow actors.

I may go a bit overboard here.

 Ralph Cohen zipping off to meet someone!
 More Hamlet!
 And this time, it's... Hamlet!
 A smiling Tiffany Stern.
 Scholars gathered for the Blackfriars Conference

 Anna Christiansen and Sarah Budge ready to take notes at the conference.
 Amazing scholars talking to each other.

 Mary Baldwin College campus

 Jan Knightley

 Ben Curns

 Caroline Gaddy

 Chelsea Phillips
 Anna Christiansen
 Caroline Gaddy, again...
 Rick Blunt
 Noah McBrayer
 Baby Katie
 Corey Vincent Holmes

 Greg again
 Heidi Grumelot

 Jan Knightley, being particularly British

 Joyce Peifer Forbes

Katherine Mayberry

 Laura Flanagan

 Sybille Bruun

 Tracy Hostmyer

 Chelsie Collier

 Jay Knowlton

 Mary Coy

 Jesse Manson

 Angela Boyle

 Jeremy Fiebig

 Francis Boyle

 Sarah Enloe and handsome husband...
Patrick Bentley

                                     Bob Taylor                                                Susan Heyward
 Lauren Shell

Well this is just a mess. In my efforts to find photos from my days in Staunton, I've found too many beautiful photos. Good grief. 

Well, since I've already started, here's one more. 

Jim Byrnes and Megan McDonough

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