Friday, July 18, 2014

Allow Me To Prophesy

I am announcing an upcoming style trend.

Men will shave again.

I have been a lover of the beard for quite some time. I love it for a number of reasons, the first being it indicates that the man I am kissing is quite manly. I love hair on the face almost as much as I love hair on the arms. I just love all that testosterony goodness.

But the beard is an old trend and soon fashion trends will reverse themselves--as they do--and we'll see the baby smooth face return to the forefront of fashion.

My evidence? The way my heart palpitated in the movie theater while watching Jersey Boys yesterday.  This is not a film review... my review is--I liked it... But really, I just liked staring up at really really handsome guys.

unshaved man

dapper looking shaved man

unshaved man

clean shaved



Group shot of handsome men

Group shot of handsome men in suits

Mark my words, ladies and gentlemen, as much as I love a good beard--and God bless the movie 300 for giving us rippling muscles and awesome beards--the era has passed. 

Clean shaven men, eager to show off their chiseled jaws, high cheek bones, and sparkling eyes will begin roaming our fair streets. Granted, the trend will start in Europe, mosey on over to New York City, and sometime in the next year or two, make it's way back to Utah. 

But you heard it here first. 

Or rather, I heard it here first because I should probably research and find out if the trend hasn't already started. 

You know the beard trend is ending when men are tying flowers up in their faces. 

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