Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Seven Thoughts (And a Glowing Endorsement of Into the Woods)

I haven't blogged a lot lately because a lot is happening. This blog is public--and honestly--I don't know who is reading it--so I'm a little leery of sharing my unedited thoughts today...

But I have thoughts...ohhowdyboy do I have thoughts.

First thought:  I would like to publicly and proudly proclaim my unadulterated love for The Echo Theatre's production of Into The Woods. I've never seen it--except for the recording they did years ago with Bernadette Peters. It was luscious. Delightful. I was giddy. The melodies are beautiful and strange--like all Sondheim seems to be. The costumes were inspired by Firefly. The set designs were deliciously Brechtian. And the acting was nuanced. There were a couple of moments where the actors would turn upstage for a special moment--and I wanted to see their faces in that moment--but that's only because I really cared about what was happening. It was very rare--and actors are allowed to turn their heads. As a music director--I loved that the live band consisted of a talented piano player and a violinist. I was giddy that in the small space--none of the actors were miced. (miked)? It was a credit to the production. The actors were able to maintain a wonderful balance of soft and loud. Audience members were pulled into the story--and carried away in the music. I loved it. You need to see this show.

Second Thought: I moved! I live in a castle now! I am a princess in a castle. And I have a dog!! She's my dragon warrior dog. If anyone comes to the door--she gives a lone bark. (She never barks otherwise.) It's better than a doorbell! (I don't really like the idea of being a princess--but honestly I feel more like a princess in this beautiful castle than a queen.)

Third Thought: I'm trying to make a concerted effort to date more. I'm trying. (big sigh) I enjoy the time that I spend with the gentlemen who I've gone out with. It's been delightful. But... none of us like to have to think about or plan dating. It's just one of the necessary evils you do if you want to eventually fall in love. Until then, you're basically just making new friends. Which is never a bad idea. The funny thing is hearing the men explain why they're not interested, without coming right out and saying it. Everyone enjoys making new friends--no one enjoys starting a new relationship. So first dates are about making sure that everyone knows "this is just a date... not a big deal...we're not getting married... we're interested in other people....just so we're clear..." It's delightful.

Fourth Thought: I've had a couple of men I dated in the past contact me out of the blue in the past couple of weeks. I love making friends. I love keeping friends. But sometimes--if we've stopped dating, and you've chosen to marry another woman... I wonder why you bother to contact me for a little online chat a year or so later....Why??? It's weird. Last night, one particular friend who is about 45 asked me if I wanted dating advice from his 20 year old girlfriend, since she has a better track record than I do... So I will just tuck that away. If I ever want to get knocked up by a guy who is 25 years older than me--I will contact his 20 year old girl friend to ask her how she did it. I'm sure she will unveil some pretty mysterious things to me about men. I look forward to her wisdom.

Fifth Thought: Why is it that I'm just not interested in finding love anymore? Am I just jaded? The fact is--I'm pretty happy with the status quo and I feel like love would throw a wrench in things... But... I really like my new doggie. I was scared to add her into my life--and now things are good. Granted, I think she'd prefer to be running around outside all day... but for the most part, we have a great routine together. So, if the right guy came along--I think I could make room for him in my life. I think I could enjoy love again... It's just FINDING him is a little....not on my list of things I prefer to do.

Sixth Thought: In my dating adventures--regardless of how tedious the "not interested in anything" conversation is going--I find myself feeling genuine respect for my male friends. I have enjoyed their company. They work hard and they try very hard to be good men. It's not an easy world to be a man or a woman. Especially when you're single. I am so impressed with the men I've had the chance to get to know.

Seventh Thought: I love my lady friends too. Every week, I get to go and visit different women from church--and it's so neat to see that they are all happy, intelligent, complicated, successful, ambitious, beautiful, thoughtful... etc.

These are my thoughts. These seven thoughts could make up seven different blogs.

Thank you for reading! Have a great day!


JM said...

"...If I ever want to get knocked up by a guy who is 25 years older than me--I will contact his 20 year old girl friend to ask her how she did it. I'm she will unveil some pretty mysterious things to me about men. I look forward to her wisdom." Ohmyglob, I had soda out the nose on that one!

Alisa Anglesey said...

Thank you for the endorsement, Eve! It means a lot coming from you!
Also, wishing you delightful adventures with your castle, your doggie, and dating.

Eve said...

Thank you for your soda laugh JM! And Alisa--you probably don't know how much I've respected your work over the years. It was delightful to see you perform. You brought so much to the stage. Over the years, I've shown countless people your short films because I love how you tell a story. The same detail in your film work translates into your stage work. It's the little things that make for magic.

Anonymous said...

Oh Eve, you are so refreshingly wonderful.... :)