Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Story of 3 Cakes

I just turned 34.

It was a really nice birthday.

I got 3 different birthday cakes. That's how wonderful it was.

The Story of the 1st Cake: I was with two close friends. We shared a chocolate raspberry torte and shared our deepest secrets. We laughed and cried. It was magical. The cake was unexpected. A lovely surprise that showed me that my friend was thinking of me.

The 2nd Cake: I was at rehearsal. I knew something was happening during our break because the cast wouldn't let me into the lobby and I wanted to use the bathroom. When I finally walked through the doors, the whole cast and everyone in the theatre gathered around a large pink and brown cake. They sang the most beautiful rendition of "Happy Birthday!" It was overwhelming. So much love. And such a wonderful surprise. Once again, I was overwhelmed at the thoughtfulness of my friends.

The 3rd Cake: I made Thai food for one of my favorite girlfriends. We enjoyed great food and great conversation. And she brought a beautiful chocolate cake. We didn't have time to eat it. We were too full from dinner.

Later that night, I tried something new. I decided that on this third and final cake I would light my own candles, sing "Happy Birthday" to myself and blow out my candles alone.

It felt like I was jumping off a cliff.

I wondered if it might feel lonely or pathetic or if some other negative emotion might come over me. But nothing like that happened. It felt oddly empowering. I could feel a smile growing inside my heart. (I know... corney...) I felt the most genuine happiness overwhelm me. I just felt peace. I like where I am right now. I am gloriously alone. I am joyfully comfortable in my own company.

After sharing cake with friends old and new, I loved that I got the chance to celebrate my birthday with one of my favorite people--ME!

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