Friday, July 4, 2014

The Loud Laugher

I like to laugh. You might say, I love to laugh.

But Uncle Albert and Dick Van Dyke laughed when things were funny, and so do I.

I've been to a couple of shows recently where it seems like there are plants in the audience (or maybe they're just groupies, I don't know). It's either a man or a woman who will laugh obnoxiously just ahead of the joke. It completely draws me out of the theatrical experience. I am so bothered by this deranged laughter, when everyone else is trying to follow the plot, that if the moment WAS funny--I miss it.

It's ruined the last few shows I've been to. Well, maybe not ruined. The shows were still good--but they weren't as funny as they would have been if I had been able to breathe in and naturally enjoy the comedic timing.

I have no solutions. Just complaining.

Thank you for your support.

Just remember--laughter good. Laughter at random moments that aren't funny to anyone but anyone just to let everyone in the audience in on the fact that you have a crush on one of the guys in the cast and/or helped build the set and therefore you're a super duper winner... bad.

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