Monday, December 28, 2015

First Christmas

I've had fun playing Santa this year. My favorite part of Christmas is filling the stocking. It was like doing my own fantasy stocking, complete with my favorite chocolates! The boys got Star Wars toothbrushes, Star Wars tattoos, markers, bath scrubby thingys, and chocolate money!

We didn't go too overboard, but there were a few things we had put off purchasing because we knew Christmas was coming up. Antonio and I each bought ourselves new shoes. He bought himself a printer. I bought myself a tea pot and a home hair cutting kit. Santa (grandma) bought us an XBox 360. That was the wow gift! We inherited some amazing nerf guns from Sheri. (Thank you!) And we're looking forward to playing with them this summer!  My mom gave me some tablecloths that had belonged to my Nana. And I got lots of warm things from various family members that make me feel so loved! Antonio gave me two beautiful framed pieces of art and I gave him nice clothes. Because I'm selfish and I like seeing him in nice clothes.

One gift we did for the boys--we got them each a savings account with the free piggy bank. We're planning on putting money in there often so we can help them with their future goals.

This blog is becoming somewhat more of a journal today, rather than an interesting blog. I grew up journaling. And it's good. It helps you remember your blessings and the things you want to accomplish.

But it's boring to read!

Interesting tidbits.

It snowed. It was like snowmagedden, only I was expected to drive in it and had to ensure that our storage customers could get to their storage units.

Daniel had a wife. Her name was Bonny. Bonny died. Daniel turned his wife into a watermelon and smashed her. By accident. Thank you Goat Stimulator for the most hilarious video game story yet!

Antonio and I went out on a date and saw The Big Short. Soo good! We saw it in loungy recliners at the AMC. I love it so much. Except my hip kept hitting the buttons and adjusting my chair. Stupid hips.

Antonio made ham and twice baked potatoes and we fed the missionaries on Christmas Eve. The missionaries didn't eat much. They were so cute. So young!

Antonio has decided to let Atticus into his heart. It is so cute to watch him with her.

And that's about it. I'm sure I'll remember more.

Merry Christmas!

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