Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New Shoes

Dan has been growing so fast! Look at these shoes!


I crack myself up.

But seriously...

Remember when Dan rode his bike to church?

According to Google Maps--we live 1.2 miles from the church building. This is what he looked like after riding his bike those 1.2 miles.

On Monday, Dan was determined to walk home from school by himself. The thought of our little boy walking by himself petrified me! I want to allow him to be strong and independent--but he's so little!

Well, I determined he needed the chance to prove himself.

We live 1.4 miles away from the school.

This is what he looked like after walking the whole way by himself!

No tears. No sweat. Just a happy, tired kid.

(For those of you concerned... I checked on him 3 times during his walk to see if he wanted rescuing. And we won't be making this a habit because I do think he's too young. But every month or so, he can walk home by himself--with a cell phone in his back pack.)

I can't believe what a difference a year makes!

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