Friday, April 4, 2008

I hurt my foot

I have a hurt foot.

This sucks because I have been trying to either walk or run every day--and today's walk was a pathetic excuse for walking. I hobbled about 2 miles than gave up. I'm not an invalid--I think I just broke a teensy weensy bone in my foot and it's making walking a little difficult. It's stupid. But it's driving me crazy!

This is my last week of vacation. I'm trying to make the most of it. But, I think I've done a good job of visiting new places and experiencing new things over the course of the past few weeks. I feel vacationed. I'm ready to get back to the business of doing theatre. We've been on a hiatus while the schools we're performing for are testing. It's a nice treat because we still get paid--we just don't have to work. Hence, Spencer (my co-worker) and I have been gallivanting about the countryside.

But today, I was bored. My day was filled with things to do. I went on my turtle walk, then attempted to do sit-ups. My main event of the day was going to the Washington DC Temple! It was beautiful! The front lawn of the temple was sprinkled in red tulips! It was cold and wet, but the temple was radiant!

I haven't been in too long. I enjoyed my time there. I had plenty of time to ponder and pray and just enjoy being in the temple. I could feel my head clearing while I was there.

I had Crystal and her family in my prayers throughout the day. She spoke at her nephew's funeral today and I was praying that everything would be all right.

I wish I had more interesting things to report. I'm kind of just waiting for something exciting to happen today. Tomorrow, Aja comes into town and General Conference is this weekend!! And next week, I'm back to working all day and night. So I guess I should enjoy tomorrow.

But I'll probably just be bored and complain some more about my hurt foot.

I'm such a baby. I'm going to totally take advantage of tomorrow's nothingness and sleep in until noon!! I shall not squander my vacation!! I vow to be as lazy as humanly possible tomorrow!!! This is my quest!!

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