Friday, December 12, 2008

Lesley's Visit

Lesley came up to visit this week.

We had such a wonderful time! She performed for my Acting Class! We had Thai food, went Christmas shopping, watched Australia and watched Buffy. She is an angel. I love having Lesley around because she makes me feel great! We have such a fun time. I wish I had words to describe how much her friendship means to me. I don't. So I'll stop trying. But, I am so grateful that she drove up to spend the day with me.

Go and see Australia. It's too long to watch on the small screen.


Cellana said...

I take it that means Australia is good? ;) Actually, had contemplated seeing it. The preview looked amazing.

Crystal said...

I am so glad, actually Courtney told me Leslie was up to see you and I was HAPPY! I know you two are amazing friends and amazing friends definitely need to spend time together. Austrailia looks most excellent. One day I will see it. I JUST watched Cold Mountain (because it was on TV) and I loved it. Anyway, for some reason, they remind me of each other as far as the preview goes (and not just because of NK).

When are you leaving for the lovely deseret?