Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Ramblings


I have a pile of papers to grade, but I just don't wanna do it.

I'm feeling a little grumpyish.

I am working my way through a pile of laundry that has been accumulating since I got back from vacation last Tuesday.

I have no intention of putting a bra on today.

I am trying to get back into the diet mode, and came THIS close to enjoying a chocolate kiss. I have been good today, but it's almost easier to just not eat anything. But that's not good at all!

So I'm making myself eat. I've got the first of many loads of laundry started. I'm going to dig into the pile of papers to grade. And I'm going to conquer this day.

Yesterday, church was interesting and annoying. The first speaker went about 20 minutes over her allotted time. I wish people understood that when you go over by that much time, we are no longer listening to you. You could be sharing the secrets of the universe, but because of your lack of respect for the next speaker, we have completely tuned out all your brilliant rhetoric. We just stop caring. And more than that, we might be a little angry.

Luckily, I brought my crocheting with me, so rather than shooting darts at the woman, I focused on my latest project. With a vehemence.

After that, I went to Sunday School where we spent 20 minutes talking about everyone's worst jobs. This is an interesting topic, but it left approximately 14 minutes to discuss the lesson. And 5 of those minutes were spent trying to get the missionaries of all people to share an experience that they had had with the power of prayer. Their response: They had never had an experience with prayer. What the hell are you doing on a mission if you've never had an experience with prayer???

Relief Society was actually really good. By that time, I was so exhausted from exercising the self-control necessary to NOT voice my rather bitter opinions about things, that I just rested my head on the chair in front of me and tried to soak in the lesson.

It was really good. I was so happy that they had asked me to play the piano in relief society, because otherwise, I would have escaped after Sunday School and the whole trip to church would have been utterly wasted.

Thank heaven for well-prepared Relief Society teachers.


Crystal said...

Eve~ I laugh so much when you perfectly put out there all the things I have felt myself about annoyances at church... only I don't know how to play piano so I do feel like I have wasted an occassional Sabbath. Yesterday was like that for me. I was wearing (REALLY NICE!) pants because I was helping in nursery and I do not care to flash my G's to anyone, toddlers included. Because Valerie totally sat with her friend instead of me (after telling her I did not want to sit all alone THREE TIMES) the young man passing sacrament assumed since I was 1) alone and 2) wearing pants I must be a visitor and did not even offer me sacrament. Nice, eh? I thought so too.

Nursery was fine. Insane and noisy, but fine.

Anyway, then the Relief Society lesson was one of those saccharine things that I am not a huge fan of... of course, in my absence, Asher was pushed- face-first into the corner of a table so I was pret.ty. PISSED because this little girl has hurt him (and others) before.

THEN, as we were leaving, Valerie literally got out of the car and slammed the door and stormed off. So I left her at church. I told her to find a ride with someone from our town, to which she replied "ok, WHATEVER."

THEN. Three hours later, she was not home, was not answering texts or phone calls and we had no earthly idea where she was.

AND I burnt my finger.

AND I was feeling sad because I feel no one appreciates me, my sacrafices or my accomplishments, so I cried and then was silent for the rest of the entire day.

I wasted it, I am aware, but I did it knowingly. Today... I have a huge stack of things I HAVE to hand back tomorrow. Sad day.

Eve said...

You're so good! I am so sorry! You so don't deserve to be treated with such disrespect. What kind of a deacon doesn't pass the sacrament to someone?? Good grief. I'd be so ticked off.

I have had a lazy day today. I am still sitting in a pile of paperwork. But I've done a few loads of laundry. (My washer and dryer washes about 5 pieces of clothing at a time.)

I wish we could just throw A's on everything and go to dinner!