Saturday, May 7, 2011

All Shook Up!

We opened our new show this weekend!

It's been such a joy performing in this show. It's a fun, happy musical with a dance that involves old ladies doing a kick line with walkers.

It's beyond hilarious.

I love doing community theatre because it gives me a chance to really work with teenagers and help them to feel better about themselves. I love the kids and the adults that I'm working with. I love that I'm able to share love with them every night and I remember the profound affect that the older peeps in the casts had on me when I was a teenager. I love that I get to share that same love with others now. It's happy times.

If you're in Utah--go to and get your tickets!

We're playing this weekend and the next two weekends. May 6-May 21st or something like that--(we close third weekend, Saturday night).

Show time starts at 7. Matinees at 2 on Saturdays. Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

Come see the show! I get to sing a fantastic solo!

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Salmon Tolman Family said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so happy for you! I always had a dream of acting in community theaters, and I'm so glad that you are doing it!!! I wish I could come see it...too bad I don't live closer!