Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Path

Life happens so fast.

I have been trying to avoid writing a travelogue, but I might just need to start there.

Last time I posted, I wrote about the need for competition. On Saturday, Feb 8th. I feel like this post woke up a sleeping monster. So much has changed since that little post.

I'm gonna travelogue for just a moment, so you can see some of the things that have transpired since.

Sunday: Meeting with friends to discuss a sketch comedy project. Friend gave me a referral for a great job! (Not complaining about current job. Love it!--but this would incorporate more of my grad school education.)

Monday: Got an offer to be a soloist in an upcoming production at The Grand. Visited BYU Law School to participate in a mock trial and connected with good friends. Had sushi with my brother Nick.

Tuesday: Joined a Gospel Choir group.

Wednesday: Went to the Utah Jazz game with my family! They won!

Thursday: Had dinner with my dear friend La Rae, whose husband and daughter are both lawyers to discuss going to law school. Got great advice. Had my brother Matt over--he just moved here from Iowa. Helped him apply for a job that my dad John had referred him to at his company.

Friday: My brother Matt got the job we applied for!! My dad Brent went in for emergency surgery on his gall bladder. Complications. They had to open him up to stop the bleeding and clear out infection that had spread to his liver. Enjoyed a reunion with some of my siblings, laughed over Thai food, watched a good movie, and then enjoyed babysitting for my little nephew Kannon.

Saturday: Worked ten hours and came home and did nothing. My dad Brent came home from the hospital after a good night's rest! I think he'll even be back to work next week!

Sunday: Despite feeling utterly exhausted, I went to church. Found out something very unexpected, but happy. I'm being intentionally coy. I'll talk about it later when I'm able to share. It was unexpected.  Enjoyed an evening with my dear friend Katie and her new hubby.

Monday: Had a phone interview for a great new job, scheduled an inhouse interview for Thursday. Helped my sister move into her new place with Matt and dad John. I gave her some furniture I had saved.  It is so fun to see her cute new place!

Today:  My current boss came by to visit. I told him about the potential other job--he gave me a big hug and congratulated me on being considered. Then told me that if I don't get it--he'd like me to take another position in his company where I would have free housing in a month.

So it's been a little over a week, but holy cow. Life is so unpredictable. So fast moving. It's funny what opportunities come your way when your schedule opens up and you have this internal willingness to say yes.

I think that's the key. Say yes. To the right things of course. During the last week, I've said yes to singing, to family, to opportunity, to friends, and to joy. The answer is yes!

As I spoke with La Rae on Thursday, we talked about how sometimes the choosing isn't about the destination--but about the path. I have no idea where I will be in two months. I could be with a different company, or in a different house, or on my way to Law School. I really don't know the destination. But I like the path I'm traveling.

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