Thursday, April 3, 2014

Singing in a Monty Python Show!

A couple months ago, I got a call from the radiant Kate Rufener. 

"Would you like to be a soloist in an upcoming show at The Grand?"

This is The Grand.

Isn't it magnificent?
She told me it was going to be a revival of this show.
 She told me that this guy--
(Dave Hanson)

and this guy--
(Jim Dale)
were both in the show! 
The luminous Marcie Jacobsen was going to Hawaii--and they needed someone to step into her shoes for the revival.
At the thought of working on a hilarious show with such talented people--and at the mere compliment of being considered for a part that Marcie had played the previous year--
I immediately said yes!!
And now it's showtime!
We have had wonderful rehearsals where I've met so many talented people! 
This is Angie Chatelain Avila and her beautiful sheep.

This is the hilarious Choir--surrounding the beloved Brian--played by Anthony Thomas Buck.


(You can kind of see the backside of Kevin Mathie, our wonderful musical director.)

The incomparable JD Dumas took this picture of the live orchestra from his place at the piano at last night's rehearsal. 

They sound heavenly. 

 The show is a joy!

We have lumberjacks, sheep, men in drag, beautiful music, beautiful singing of beautiful music, Bob Dylan, a little irreverent humor--(It's Monty Python!)--glowsticks, a keytar, french horns, and Cheese! 

It's 3 nights only! (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday)

Tickets are only $12-$15. 

Come and enjoy a beautiful evening of fun!

Showtime starts at 7:30pm.

For tickets, visit

The theatre is located in South Salt Lake at 1575 South State Street. 

See you at the theatre!



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