Thursday, May 8, 2014

Learning to Deal With Stress

I realize I don't process stress very well.

I absorb it.

I read recently that fat protects your organs from toxins. The fat holds onto the toxins. Often as you release fat, you're also releasing toxins.

I have a lot of fat with which to absorb toxins.

But if I'm releasing fat--I'm also releasing toxins.

Yesterday, the combination of incoming stress and outgoing stress made me feel just horrible.

I had a massive headache. My guts felt disgusting. Everything just felt icky. As for eating, I didn't realize until 10pm that I really didn't eat a lot yesterday. I had a couple servings of rice and a green smoothie. But I wasn't hungry. Probably because I was around food all day. I made a big meal to refrigerate for work. I went grocery shopping, etc. I think I satisfied my hunger with my eyes.

I tried to release the stress through meditation. I went outside under a tree and meditated. I meditated inside. I spent much of the day trying to release stress. But I still felt crappy.

Finally, I went to the temple.

I almost didn't go. But I made a commitment to myself. I ironed my dress. I got in the car at 6--hoping to get there 45 minutes early.

I managed to take the world's slowest route to the temple.

I missed the 7pm session and ended up going on the 7:30pm session.

As I sat there, I felt myself lifted up. The ugly feelings left me. I felt the words resonate clearly, so clearly in my mind. I felt lightness flow through my body. I felt good energy flow through my organs. I pondered the things of the flesh. I pondered the sacredness of the physical. In the temple, a good deal of time is spent talking about the creation. I felt my faith in the sanctity of the flesh and of  creation grow. I felt God bless my new path of healthy living.

Letting go of the protective barrier of fat is difficult. Carrying around the protective layer has made it possible for me to face many stressful situations in the past. I have to learn how to deal with stress in a different way. I do not have the luxury of absorbing it. I have to figure out different tools for dealing with stress.  First, I'm going to allow myself to be bad at it. I'm going to patiently accept that I might have a day where I feel yucky and where I have a temper tantrum.

If I don't say the right things, if I lash out--I apologize right now. I'm learning.

It's going to be a journey, but I am so grateful for this new adventure!

(Lest this entry scare people into trying the latest detox diets--let me share what I've learned.)

To Detox:
1) Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
2) Drink plenty of water.
3) Oxygenate your body through exercise.

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