Monday, March 16, 2015

The Miracles of Service

A little over a year ago, I got a call to serve as the second counselor in the Relief Society presidency.
A little over a year ago, I got a real kick out of God's sense of humor.

I love relief society. For me, it is the source of my strength as a Latter-Day Saint woman. It is where I find peace. When I move into a ward, I go straight to the bishop and tell him that I'll do whatever calling he wants, but I would really prefer to play the piano in Relief Society. This calling helps me keep up on my piano playing skills, and it guarantees that I don't skip out on Relief Society, since the temptation always seems to hit, and I'm always happier when I decide to stay.

So that's my favorite calling.

I love attending Relief Society on Sunday. I do not like going to any activities during the week. I'm in theatre and I work full time. I do not need to have any more obligations during the week.

So I laughed when they called me to be the counselor in charge of all the extra activities in Relief Society. That's one way to get me to go.

But more than being in charge of the additional meetings, I've been able to counsel in the presidency and meet one on one with sisters in the congregation. I've been able to meet with girls in their homes and apartments and learn from them. I've had the opportunity to teach two lessons in the past year that have really strengthened my faith. The first was about the power of being a woman. The second was about learning hope and trust through scripture study.

Last summer, the president asked us what we would like to pray for. I joked that I'd like to pray to stop bleeding. I'd been experiencing some problems with my uterus. I hadn't stopped bleeding for over a year. Birth control wasn't working and I was still paying off the last surgery I'd had to get rid of my uterine polyps, so I didn't want to have to have another surgery. The next week, Mandi said she wanted to have a fast just for my health. And a few days later, the bleeding stopped. I've been regular ever since. This is an example of the power of fasting, the power of women, and the miracle of service.

Because I'm getting married, they released me from the calling yesterday.

One blog post isn't going to do justice to the things I've learned and experienced while working with the powerful women of faith in the LDS Church. And many of my experiences ought to be kept private because I was simply a witness to someone else's experience. I'll just say that it has been a joy.

Last week, I visited with a friend in the hospital and attended  a large activity where we discussed the lives and words of past Relief Society presidents in the church. Seeing the women gathered and learning wisdom for our past was beautiful. Sitting with this dear friend and listening to her share her thoughts sanctified my time.

This week, I'm no longer in that calling. But I can still sanctify my time. I have an appointment Wednesday to visit teach. I have an opportunity to reach out to my friends and enrich my life as I share my time with them. Even tonight's production meeting is going to provide me an opportunity to plan events that will uplift members of the community.

Today I am feeling wistful, grateful, and at peace. Life moves forward.

(Sorry about the talk about bleeding. I'm not one to bother with editing these kinds of things anymore.)

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