Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Sunday with The Little Boy

Yesterday was Easter.

Antonio's son and I drove to my friend Christi's place to watch conference and have an Easter Egg hunt for Daniel and her daughter EL*.

On the drive over, we talked about what Easter really meant.
Me: Do you see how the grass is turning green and the blossoms are on the trees.
D: Yes.
Me: Easter celebrates things coming back to life.
D: Okay.
Me: Easter celebrates how Jesus died and came back to life!
D: (pause) Does he get to die again?
Me: (pause) Noooo... He gets to live forever! And so do we because of Jesus.
D: (somewhat disappointed) Okay.

The boy really enjoys talking about dying right now. I don't think he gets it. Apparently, dying must seem like a really fun thing to do.

I'm trying. I like that he feels immortal. It's nice to know he doesn't fear death yet. Being 6 has its advantages.

We had the Easter Egg hunt. There wasn't a speck of religiousity in it, but we had a lot of fun! The Easter Bunny (Christi) had hid the eggs all over the place and it was a riot watching him get excited about finding an egg over and over and over and over again.

In this picture--you can see him discover a hidden egg. So much fun! 
You can also see EL's little Easter bunny ears. She is so cute. She has a little crush on Daniel. She'll sit next to him on the couch and just giggle at him and then pat his head. It's adorable I tell you!

After a delightful morning, we came back to my place to visit the doggie and let her run around the yard a bit. Daniel took a little nap. (I think he managed to hold still for about 10 minutes altogether.) I did some housework. Then we ran over to another friend's house for Waffles and the afternoon session of conference.

In this friend's backyard, they have a large swing set and a big tree house with a long slide out the side. It's a childhood paradise back there. Daniel ran outside and climbed up into the treehouse and then screamed like a banshee. Everyone looked at me and I said, "He's fine." My friend said, "You sound like a mom!" That made my day.

I went out to check on him and he had screamed going down the long slide. Because that's what you do!

After a fun afternoon, we came home and then Antonio came home from work and we all worked together on some projects around the house and just enjoyed being home together.

We're getting married in 32 days.

I'm ridiculously excited about this. At the same time, I have 32 days to plan a wedding and get my apartment ready for two more people!

Not complaining. Life is good. And Easter is about things coming back to life, which apparently isn't that exciting for a little boy who enjoys playing video games where everything comes back to life eventually.

(*I'm not sure how open I should be with children's names on a blog. I figure in writing about her child, I'll edit it a bit.) 

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