Saturday, February 2, 2008

Friday night with Larry

After a long day at work, I walked to the Metro (doing my part with public transportation!), got on the metro and rode back into the city to visit the Natural History Museum so I could watch a U2 concert in 3d!

(Just in case I haven't blogged on the horrors of my commute--I live south of DC--I get on a bus, which I take to the Pentagon, where I get on the metro and ride to Metro Center--there I get on another line that takes me out north of the city. It comes to be a 90 minute commute, when everything is running smoothly!)

But, back from thoughts of horrid commute! I went to see U2 in 3d last night! It was wonderful and little drummer boy Larry was as beautiful as I first remember him to be! They played all of my favorites--well not all of them--but they played "Sunday Bloody Sunday!" And dear Bono was just wonderful! I had this odd thought while I was watching them though. I thought of how they had been very Christian boys, and I thought--if I was a youth minister, how would I best influence the people of the world to do good--OH I KNOW--I'll go and become the greatest rock band on earth and go all over the world telling people to stop fighting, to care for one another, and whatever else I feel is important to share.

I felt like I was in one of the BEST sermons. And I felt happy to be there. And I was glad that with thousands of people watching at the concert in Buenos Aires where they filmed this, that Bono was the one with the microphone because his message is so beautiful.

This band has an unequalled amount of power in the world, and they're using it for good.

I didn't enjoy the concert quite as much as I might have. I had to pee the whole time, and so it was kind of reminiscent of watching Titanic. I had to pee then too, and the water just kept gushing and felt like screaming "Die already! Geez!"

But I didn't yell at the screen. I still loved Larry, Adam, Bono, and the Edge--but I didn't love them. I didn't scream and beg for the giant screen to give me more.

Afterwards I enjoyed a nice leisurely evening with friends.

It was truly one of the nicest nights I have had in a while--perhaps since--oh, I don't know--last weekend! (I keep having these stellar evenings. It's really kind of wonderful!)

So yeah. Life is gooooood.


Crystal said...

LUCKY! I bet it was wondrous! Did you go all alone?

Eve said...

I went with my roommate Sarah and Josh. Who is not my roommate.