Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Musings on Getting a Doggie

I want to get a dog. I think.

Reasons not to get a dog:

1) I live in an apartment and there are days where I'm gone a long time.
2) Upfront costs.
3) I can barely take care of myself, let alone an animal.
4) All of my plants are dead. Shouldn't it be required that you keep plants alive before graduating to larger living things?
5) Vacations.

Reasons I want to get a dog anyway:

1) If I can find the right breed, I think the doggie will be happy in my little apartment. Although, I think it would be kinder to get two doggies so they can keep each other company.
2) I will wait until I get taxes back and use that for upfront costs.
3) I am not good at taking care of myself because it's me. Maybe because it's taking care of other little souls--I'll inadvertently care for myself. I can talk myself out of going on a walk by myself in the morning--an enriching experience--but I won't have a choice when it comes to the doggies. This will help me out as well.
4) I will google many things and make sure that I don't kill the doggies.
5) My parents love doggies.

Things I imagine doing with my doggie:

1) I could put up a little doggie gate at the office and have my doggie here with me at the office when I'm at work.
2) I could set up a doggie bed at the foot of my bed and leave the curtains open so the doggies can watch people go by during the day.
3) I can take the doggies for little walks around my neighborhood as the sun is rising.
4) We can trot along the sidewalk in the evening.
5) We can go visit my parents and surprise them with puppy kisses!

I'm going to make myself wait until mid March before I go to the pound. If not, I'll fall in love with a doggie now--and I need to give myself enough time to let these thoughts percolate.



Melissa said...

It's okay if you can't keep plants alive. I have a very black thumb. The only green things that grow under my care are ones that are fairly hardy and don't like to be pampered, and I have four kids and have had a dog! So, see? You should be totally good. My kids are all still alive and doing well. :D

Eve said...

I love it! Thank you Melissa!

Tanja C. said...

I enjoy dogs, however, I'm definitely a cat person. Why? Well, besides being cute and cuddly, they are more calm than dogs and require a lot less care. They can be independent and not always underfoot. With that said, let me remind you that all animals have their own personalities and not all cats fit into the same mold. Yes, they have claws and like to scratch things, but we trim them regularly and provide several locations for them to do their happy scratching! (I would never de-claw again.)
Why I like cats:
1. I can leave for the weekend and set out extra water and food.
2. Cats sleep a lot, so being gone doesn't really hurt their feelings.
3. They don't have to go out to potty several times a day or be locked in a kennel while we're gone because they use their litter box.
4. Some people are allergic to my cats and it keeps them away! Hahaha! ;)

Whatever you decide, Eve, I BEG OF YOU a few things:
1. Do not get a pet unless you are absolutely 100% you can commit to that animal for the rest of it's life. I hate it when people go through the entire adoption process and then decide they can't do it and back to the pound it goes or to someone else that is willing to take it but isn't wanting it as much as the person who really adopted it.
2. DO NOT let the animal breed. The shelters are way too full as it is and although puppies and kittens are adorable, you do not need to have a batch of babies to try to get rid of. Even purebreds do not go faster, nor will they really bring much income.
3. Definitely get a shelter animal and don't be set on a baby.

Oh, boy, I could go on and on!
Just do what feels right and like I said, make sure you're willing to commit to it for it's lifetime. Animals DO make attachments to us silly humans!

Eve said...

Tanja, I want to take this seriously. That's why I'm not letting myself make the decision until mid March. It will give me plenty of time to weigh the options and see if it's a whim. Also, I've thought about fostering first just to see how it works out. I'm allergic to cats, so that's out. The cat dander kills me. And I hate litter boxes. I'm just more of a dog person. I was talking to my mom about it last night. She loves dogs. So, I will always have a pet sitter if I go out of town. Thanks for the advice! I'm partial to little mutts.

Tanja C. said...

I wish everyone with a desire to become a pet-parent would think it through like you have. Whatever decision you make, I know you'll do it wisely. You are awesome! :)