Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thoughts On The Years To Come

I don't want to jump into any career changes too soon. I genuinely love my current job. But, I like to think about the future and how I might grow and become better.

I was looking into teacher certificate programs last week. Despite already having a BFA, an MLitt, and an MFA--it will take me two years to become a certified teacher. I like teaching, but it seems like the field is saturated and I'm just not sure. I love teaching college--but so do a lot of other people. It's very difficult making a consistent living as an adjunct, and they want PhD people. I have thought about getting my doctorate--but in what? I don't enjoy theory enough to get it in English and theatre is a hands on practice. The MFA is the best terminal degree for theatre--and I have that already. 

A friend of mine is in Law School and it could be that I miss school, but I keep thinking about it. It feels like Law combines my love of the theatrical, with my love for business, and my love for language. I decided to see if I really have an aptitude for it.

I started taking random LSAT practice tests online last night. I missed the first question. But ever since that first question, I've gotten every other question right. I really think I could do this. Some weird combination of script analysis, teaching Ethics for three years, and studying rhetoric has created in me a mind that just might rock the LSAT. And if I rock the LSAT--I will get into Law School.

I saw a feminist meme last night on Facebook that talked about the money that women make compared to the money men make--and of course there was a picture of a woman lawyer. A brand spanking new lawyer makes quite a bit more money than a teacher--and it's only one more year of school. So, I'm leaning.

I still love doing theatre, but lately I feel like doing theatre is a little out of my control. I've been performing and studying theatre constantly since I was 13 years old. At some point, you really want to believe that the unpredictability will go away--but it's only gotten worse. I would still love to perform, but I need to step back for a bit and check out other avenues.

I'm 36 now. I have a good 50 years left on this planet. I am opening myself up to all the options available to me.

Today I am grateful for the years to come.


CMS said...

I remember your thoughts on this!

How is life and love?

Eve said...

It's all starting to make more sense. My masters really delved into history, performance, and rhetoric. And what is the law but precedence, presentation, and words? I've always known I'd get the PhD, but I just couldn't find a program that interested me where I could build on what I'd done in the past. If I'm gonna drop a dime, it's gotta be something sufficiently new--but familiar. Law School fits the bill. I really liked the idea of getting the doctorate in education too--but I didn't get into the program. Meh. You win some, you lose some. I probably should have retaken the GRE. As for life and love--it's pretty good? It's life! As for love--it'll happen or it won't. At this point, it really doesn't make much difference to me.