Saturday, January 25, 2014

Thoughts on Time

Time is not a gospel doctrine.

Time is not a spiritual concept.

Time simply marks the difference between point A and point B.

Every day is an eternity. There is no beginning and no end. You can predict eternity by looking at your day. In order to have eternal joy--you must find joy in the moment--contentment and peace in the present.  The past and the future are abstract constructs that we create in order to make sense of the never ending present.

But long ago--God created the concept of a probationary time. A time to prepare to meet God.

(Read Alma 42)

Life on earth is this space of time. During this space of time--we can change our days--and as a result, change our eternity.

My day at 10 years old is different from my day at 18 years old, and my day at 35 years old. Because of this--I know I can progress. I can mark my improvement and I can change my eternal outlook--simply by changing what takes place within a period of time.

Time is not an eternal concept. It is a gift that God gives us to show us that He believes in our capacity to grow and change during this period of probation.

Eternal joy comes when we are able to find peace and joy in our day to day grind.  Since every day is its own eternity--it's important to make time during the day for peace, gratitude, love, contemplation, and more love. In this way, we shape our eternity.

Imagine a world without time. Time exists because God believes in our ability to change. The passage of time and the process of aging is indicated in our changes.  I am not who I was before. And I will not remain in this state either.

Every day represents an eternity. And the existence of time is proof of God's confidence in our ability to improve.

(These thoughts are brought to you by a conversation with a dear friend currently in Law School. He's supah smaht and his words get my brain all percolatey.) 

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Sylinda's Life said...

I love this... so true about time. thanks Eve!