Saturday, July 18, 2015

Celebrating Jaxon!

This week, we celebrated Jaxon's 11th birthday!

He is a wonderful boy. He loves Metroid. He loves salt! He loves playing games.

I am just getting to know him, but he has this kindness and this thoughtfulness about him that I just love. He is Antonio's oldest. He has an amazing mother who takes such good care of him.

One of the sweetest moments at our wedding was when Rachel whispered to me with tears in her eyes how happy she was that Jaxon would have a loving step-mom. My heart began to swell as I imagined what it would be to send my child to visit his father, not able to trust that his girlfriend or wife would look after her son. I can't even begin to imagine that fear. I felt her relief in that moment and I began to cry with her. It was such a tender moment. I know that she is a wonderful mother because Jaxon is such a good kid!

We had an early birthday party for him! That morning, I woke up and hopped in the shower before Daniel was awake. I heard a little knock while I was in the shower. I yelled over the water, "I'm in the shower!" After finishing up, I expected to see Daniel in his room playing. Instead he was dressed and excited to show me how he had picked up his room and "made your bed!" (He spread three different blankets out across three different sections of our bed.) He told me that he wanted to make sure that everything was nice for Jaxon's birthday!

That afternoon, Antonio brought both boys through the office. They were laughing and talking all over each other as they ran through to our apartment. It was hilarious to see them so happy together!

That night, we had a few friends and family members over to eat cake and open presents. Jaxon was so excited over every gift he got! But he especially loved his Star Wars Lego thingy.

At the end of the night, Daniel whacked his head on the bunk beds and knocked a couple of baby teeth loose. We agreed that both boys could sleep with us in our room, and they both cuddled on couches to watch Never Ending Story. 

The next day, we woke up bright and early. The boys were again ecstatic to be together. Antonio and I were slightly fatigued. (Of course, in his fatigue, Antonio made DELICIOUS waffles for everyone!) Daniel had been up several times and ended up sleeping upside down between the two of us. I held his legs next to my face so he wouldn't kick his father in his face. Jaxon, of course, slept peacefully through all of this.

They spent the day playing Legos, playing video games, and Antonio took them both to the Aquarium. I went to the temple for a glorious few hours of peace!

All in all, it was a joy to see Jaxon's face light up! Happy Birthday!

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