Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cousin Time!

Yesterday my little sister Bethany came over with her two little kids to play!

I love her so much. She's a strong, sassy, and fun woman. And her kids are absolutely so beautiful!

Matt came over too and we enjoyed some sibling time while the kids played.

Daniel and Kannon had a blast together.

And Summerleigh toddled around trying to pull the dog's tail. I couldn't get a picture of the two of them together since they were moving so fast.

It was such a joy.

Antonio doesn't like holding other people's kids. He says, "If I break my own kids, it's okay. I don't want to break someone else's baby." I made him hold her. And then I completely turned into a happy giggly mess because he is so cute with her!

After a really great time with the kids, and after he gave the boys a bath and we got them ready for bed so their mama could just put them straight to bed when they got home, Antonio went to bed (work super early) and Bethany and I just sat and chatted. It was so nice.

After they left, I put Daniel to bed and my friend Sheri came over. We sat and had a great talk. In the middle of our conversation, we hear this loud noise from the bedroom. Antonio was loudly yelling what sounded like battle commands. It was hilarious. I went in to check on him. He mumbled, "I love you so much." I laughed and said, "I love you too. You were talking in your sleep. You said something like, 'I am the greatest!" He mumbled something else in his sleepy voice and there very clearly said, "Well I am." And then rolled back over to sleep. Hilarious!

The best part about spending time with his cousins is Daniel got to give Kannon a bag of toys and clothes that he had picked out that are too small for him now. He had so much fun giving them to his cousin. We're trying to teach him to take joy in the joy of others. He is a wonderful kiddo.

And there you have another episode in the saga that is now my life as a wife and a mom!

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Anonymous said...

I love reading the episodes in your life as a wife and mom! It sounds great!