Monday, May 3, 2010

Conversations about Choices

If something makes you happy--it's good.

If you have a desire to take one path over another, perhaps it's an inspired desire.

If you pray about a choice, and God tells you to make one choice over another, that's probably the one you oughta go with.

It seems simple, doesn't it?

Will someone please explain this to a friend of mine?

I tried today. I really tried.

If we make a choice, we are responsible for the consequences of that choice. Everyday, we make choices. We can't blame those choices on anyone but ourselves. But everyday we have the chance to set ourselves on a brand new path that will lead us to joy. Everyday.

Happiness comes when our desires and our reality are in harmony. If there is a discrepancy between our desire and our reality--we have to eliminate that discrepancy. We can do this by choosing to change our desire (attitude) OR, we can work to change our reality.

God will help us in both instances. He will give us hope and inspiration to change our reality, OR He will bless us with the miracle of a new desire and renewed attitude.

He doesn't take away our choices. But He can bless us with the power to endure our reality, or the ingenuity to know how to change it.

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Salmon Tolman Family said...

Eve, you are brilliant. Pure genius. You put it so simply. And you are so right!!!