Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Today I want to honor my friend Robin.

She is a wonderful mother.

She is amazing and she doesn't say stupid things like, "I wish I had your life."

She recognizes the joy of her kids.

Visiting her this winter was amazing. This family enjoys every moment together. They recognize how incredibly lucky they are to be together and to have this opportunity to serve and love one another.

I get to go to concerts and movies by myself. Yippee skippy.

I make the most of the joy I can uncover in my life.

And I love Robin because she loves the grass on her side of the fence. She is grateful and joyful and she wishes that I could live on her side of the fence too.

I love that my friend's kids get to have amazing mothers. I am grateful for the blessings of my life, but let's not pretend that my life is even as remotely as rich and fulfilling as your life is.

It isn't. And Robin gets that.


Sunshine said...

Amen sister... Amen!

Smashie Smasherton said...

One of the saddest parts of my days is seeing gchat statuses/Facebook posts/etc when friends who are moms directly or indirectly decry their lots in life. In one sense (a selfish sense), it makes me feel a little better about being single, but it's still sad. It's nice to hear of a woman who actually finds joy in motherhood. Happy Mother's Day to her!

Eve said...

I get that people need to complain. Heaven knows, we all need to complain a little, but I am really happy to know people who are happy with what they've got. Robin isn't rich. They have what they need though And they're genuinely happy. She's a great example of the attitude I aspire to have. With or without kids.