Tuesday, June 8, 2010

my tummy hurts

Let me start by saying, I learned my lesson last week.

I haven't had dairy in a while, and I discovered after eating some cheese last week, because I was on vacation, that my tummy hurts when I eat dairy.

So Sunday night, I ate 3 ice cream sandwiches, and yesterday I ate a cheesy steak calzone for lunch and for dinner I had sliced tomatoes and mozarella cheese.

Why did I did this to myself you ask?


I am wondering the same thing.

I slept all day yesterday though, and now it's 6:20am and I've been up groaning and moaning like an idiot since 3 am.

I took pepto.


I made an offering to the porcelain god. (I'm pretty adept at vomiting at will.)


My tummy still hurts.

Never again!! I hereby relinquish my love for cheesy goodness.

Au revoir my friends! I loved you whence.

Of course, perhaps if I hadn't loved ye quite so much, I wouldn't be so dang fat. So perhaps we really shouldn't be friends anymore.

It's sad when you discover that the friends you love most are the ones who hurt you the most.

Why ice cream sandwiches, why??!


Clarissa Jane said...

or maybe, just maybe you should just cut back to one sandwich at a time. ;) tee hee
there's always lactaid.
p.s. i know how you feel, my friend and it does NOT make one happy!!

Miss Heather said...

Yeah, have you tried Lactaid? I've heard it works wonders for people with tummy issues due to anything dairy. I'm so sorry!!! That sucks... I kind of wish I had that problem because it would help me to lose weight if I had to give up cheese... my most favorite thing in the world!