Thursday, October 3, 2013

Watching the Series Finale--no spoilers

As I drove into the parking lot at Brewvies, I saw the line stretch out from the doors. I found a space in the next lot. I knew it was going to be sold out, but I came anyway. It was. Every last seat had been taken for the series finale. And I was a good hour early.

But next door at Legend's, they promised a room devoted to Breaking Bad fans. I found two spots at a long table next to two strangers. They were nice and we gabbed over sweet potato fries and fried pickles. They offered me a glass of their Hefe Weizen and I graciously told them I didn't drink. The room warmly chatted as we waited. My dad joined me and said, "I hope everyone is quiet when the show starts."

The moment we heard that famous music, the second it played, the entire room went silent. The poor servers did an amazing job of getting people their orders without making a sound.

Everyone was caught up in every moment. With every commercial break, the audience sighed and applauded. Then we roared with conversation during the commercials. I've never been so grateful for commercials! And when the next scene started--again--not a sound.

I wonder if Shakespeare's audiences knew what they were seeing the first time they saw Hamlet?

This show is a masterpiece.

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to enjoy Vince Gilligan's masterpiece with a room of fans. I'm grateful for my friends and family members who have shared in the excitement with me! I'm grateful for dedicated artists who push their craft beyond the norm to unexpected heights. I am so impressed with the talented writers and actors of Breaking Bad. They raised the standard for us all.


Melissa said...

So, I know you were writing about a show, but as soon as I read "fried pickles" all I could think about was hot fried pickles and how delicious they are dipped in ranch... :D

Eve said...

I love fried pickles! But I can really only eat like 2 before the salt is too much.