Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesdays are Awesome

Today is a great day.

Last night was awesome. I called a dear friend at the very last minute, and she sweetly dropped everything to just enjoy spending an evening with me. It meant a lot to me.

At work today, I moved people into three different units.  September was super slow, so I'm really happy about this!

I discovered lemon meringue cups from Jello. I don't know how many calories are these beautiful little cups, but I love them. So. Much.

I keep thinking about the upcoming concert, just trying to make sure everything gets done in time. And I keep thinking of different things I want to do to prepare. These thoughts, the act of planning, rehearsing... all of it is magic to me.

Tonight, I need to do laundry. This isn't exciting at all. But I will do it!

Tomorrow night, we have auditions at Midvale Main Street for Hairspray! I'm so excited to see all the hyperactive singers and dancers!

I watched the episode of New Girl about Nick's box where he puts all his secrets--like bills he needs to pay--and I saw how he manages to have love and a life despite his horrible box. And I have new hope!! One can have a box of old bills and still have a great life! You just can't ever own a home! But who needs that trouble? Not me.

And last but not least, in this ode to Wednesday, I have found the perfect Spotify Station.

It is "The Artist Radio Based on Joss Stone". It is delicious. It is as smooth as my lemon meringue jello.

We're talking Lauryn Hill, Maxwell, Robin Thicke, Joss Stone, Estelle, Etta James, John Legend...

Ahhh sweet delicious music. 

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