Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Being Rebellious and Grateful

I've been relatively good at posting my gratitude this year.

Perhaps not daily.

But I have this evil rebellious streak that just stops me from doing what's expected of me.

It's the reason I'm horrible at diets and for some reason, during the month of gratitude, I find myself with all sorts of excuses not to post my gratitude.

Other rebellions I have--

I never make my bed. Despite my mother's teachings. Despite the fact that life just feels more organized when I have a made bed.

As you walk into my apartment, there's a chair sitting in the middle of the floor and a wet towel sitting next to the chair. Right as you enter. Why? Because I  can. No other reason. It annoys me, but I felt like putting the towel there last night as I got ready for my audition.

I have a plate of dried out, burnt brownies sitting by my lounge chair.

I have a pile of clean clothes sitting at the base of my bed. I have them spread out nicely so that the clothes won't be too wrinkled when I pull them up to wear them later.

I'm not filthy. It would take me 45 minutes to have a clean apartment. But I love that I don't HAVE to have a perfectly clean apartment all the time. It's freeing.

Reporting my gratitude during November just feels too mandatory. And so I don't.

This is ridiculous of course. Gratitude is a gift, a privilege.

So on that note. Here's a catch up post for November.

Friday, Nov 1: I was grateful for the chance to see my super talented friend Kjersti play Carmen in Curtains. I knew she was talented--but it was so great to see her shine!

Saturday, Nov 2: I was grateful for the haircut my friend Christie gave me!

Sunday, Nov 3: I was grateful for church! I fasted. I was so ornery. I was uber grateful for the food that I devoured after church and the great conversation I had with my dad after I ate. Before that, I hated everyone and everything because life without food is horrible.

Monday, Nov 4: I had a great voice lesson with a talented new singer. It is so much fun to hear your student sing out so beautifully!

Tuesday, Nov 5: I won tickets to the new movie About Time and enjoyed the screening with my brother Nick. I am grateful for artists dedicated to quality storytelling.

Wednesday, Nov 6: We rehearsed Hairspray songs. This cast is magnificent, generous, and kind.

Thursday, Nov 7: I had a final rehearsal with Ben Mayfield in preparation for our concert.

Friday, Nov 8: The night of the concert!! I don't know how to write about this. I'll have pictures to show soon enough. It was magical. There are just too many people to thank for this night. It deserves so much more than a footnote in one blog. But for the purpose of this post-- I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who blessed me with friends and family members who supported and loved me through a beautiful evening of music. 

Saturday, Nov 9: Another Hairspray rehearsal--a great day at work--and a great rehearsal in preparation for singing in church.

Sunday, Nov 10: I'm grateful for the chance to present a beautiful song in church with my friends Sarah and Marianne. I'm also grateful for my friend Dan's lovesack and his steak.

Monday, Nov 11: I'm grateful for auditions and the chance I had to see friends from different walks of life. It was like being in a time machine. Scott and Clin from the college years, David and Kasey from the high school years, and Kande from the Egyptian.

And today, I'm grateful for Windex. I've cleaned sooo many windows and mirrors today! It's beautiful!

My rebellion is squashed by the privilege of gratitude. And tonight, after rehearsal, I'll pick up the stupid towel. And the chair. And I'll do the dishes.

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