Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas is for the Kiddos!

When I walked into Pottery Barn I felt like I was in this lush paradise. I don't like buying clothes... but I could spend a fortune at Pottery Barn.

As I walked into the Pottery Barn, I could hear laughter.

I came upon a talented storyteller recounting the tale of "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas"--complete with eyebrows and a moldable face.

I ran to the register to make a donation to St. Jude's and stood off to the side to enjoy a little of the holiday spirit. This was where I was going to kick off my Christmas season!

Marissa Poole talked about the good things that the people of St. Jude's do for children and families who are suffering all over the world. One thing she mentioned was that the scientists share their discoveries openly. She talked about the need to care for the families so they can focus on their children.

 Doug Irey and Brooklynn Pulver Kohler shared real letters to Santa Claus. From other children. Although, I think it would be a riot to hear their Christmas letters personally.

Talented singers, storytellers, and musicians donated their time and talents to help those in attendance to feel the spirit of the season.

 I sat next to this gorgeous shimmering tree.

It both encouraged and discouraged me. I really want to get a tree... but I really don't think I should spend the money on a tree... And would I really be happy with anything that wasn't this beautiful?

I think I'd rather give money to charity honestly.

Christmas is for the kiddos!

Pottery Barn at Trolley Square will be collecting donations throughout the season. Stop by and see them and make a donation. Or if you want to donate directly St. Jude's, visit their site directly by clicking HERE.

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