Monday, November 4, 2013

The Click

I feel like I'm floating. My fears are falling away. The tentacles of anxiety are breaking loose and my heart, once weighed down, is floating in my chest.  It's glowing.

I'm surrounded by love and support.

My friend Blair Howell writes for the Deseret News. He offered to help promote my concert. It was so touching to see his promotional article in print yesterday. It just made everything real.

You can see the article here:

It started off as a germ of an idea. That idea turned into a discussion. And now it's real.

Theatre is this beautiful opportunity to create something from an idea.

We're working on the music for Hairspray!--plays in January at Midvale Main Street Theatre--and we're at that horribly uncomfortable stage where the music is not quite clicking. We'll hit it again and again until it finally settles into the brain and clicks. And after that--things get really fun. But I'm so proud of and grateful for hardworking artists who hang in there through this hard part and keep singing until it clicks.

The same thing happens in life. Life gets hard. You know that eventually things will click--but in the meantime you're just going through the motions, hoping that eventually something will catch and you'll be able to finally relax and just enjoy the chords and the rhythm of life.

I feel like things are clicking.

Today, I am grateful for supportive friends.
I am grateful for opportunities to create and the magic of the click.
I am grateful for this moment. Right now.

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