Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sometimes I Cry

I got a hair cut!

After blogging about my long hair--I cut it!

Well, not me. My friend Christi cut it for me. Well, not cut--she razored it. Razoring the hair is like tearing out your hair, in a very particular fashion, so as to create a lovely bouncy style. I feel fresh and new!

Yesterday was good.

After having a fabulous visit with Christi and baby Evangeline, I went to my friend Heather's housewarming.

I pulled up to the house and watched people go inside. Suddenly, I didn't want to go. Big tears started to fall down my face and I almost drove away.  I began imagining excuses I could tell my friend. I just felt so unequal. I can't describe it. I felt so awkward. The only thing that got me out of my car was that I was hoping I could take the opportunity to give my sincere wish for happiness to my friend and her hubby in their new home. If it's about someone else, I can generally get over my social fears. So I sucked it up, went inside. Hugged my friend, oohed and ahhed over her gorgeous home, ate an eclair, and left. Sigh.

I decided I needed a night to myself. I came home and nursed myself. I went to bed really early and just let my heart and body heal.  It was good.

I don't know why I cried. I could guess.

I think it has to do with hormones though. And needing an afternoon nap.

Today I'm grateful for my haircut.
I'm grateful for my friend's beautiful house.
I'm grateful for my friend Christie's beautiful baby girl.
I'm grateful for this month of gratitude.
And I'm really really really grateful for that extra hour of sleep last night.

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Anonymous said...

you are so sweet, Eve. Your friends are lucky. Sometimes we all just needs a good cry. Very cleansing. Sorry I am going to miss your concert, I thought I would be in Utah this weekend but its not going to happen. I gotta take care of my mom.