Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Catching Up. Where I Talk About A Lot of Things.

Dearest Readers,

I apologize profusely for not writing lately.

As a result of not keeping up, there are several topics I'd like to explore.

1) I like kissing. I haven't kissed anyone since December and I don't foresee kissing anyone for a while. This is discouraging to me as I feel I have a great talent.

Videos about strangers kissing don't help.

2) Gospel music is wonderful. Seriously. I am singing with a choir on March 30th and I was listening to one of the songs--and it was just overwhelming. It's transcendent.


I love it. It's uncomplicated. It's soulful. It's breathing in and out and sighing your sweetest desires without any fear.

3) Raising Hope is hilarious.

Favorite lines from recent episodes:

Burt after eating lots of sugar: My skin is electric!

Burt's wife--(can't remember her name--blond--) to Mama: Marijuana is a gateway drug. It leads to harder things.

Mama: Hubert has a little blue pill that leads to harder things.

4) Golfing is hard.

I have a complaint about my family. Growing up, whenever my Nana and Popop were around, the adults would go golfing and the kids couldn't go. I would always ask, but I wasn't allowed. As everyone grew up, my brothers ended up joining them--but I had to go mini golfing with all the other much younger girl cousins. This past week, I was in AZ at Nana and Popop's. I was the youngest person there. They were talking about calling for a tee time, and I begged to be able to go with them. Again, I was told I couldn't go. I almost cried. I was so mad! I'm 36 for the love of pete!

But on Friday, my dad and my uncle took me to the driving range to practice driving and then to the green to practice chip shots. After an hour, I was so sore! My driving sucks and I never once got the damn ball into the hole.

Thank you Nana. I can only imagine the hell 18 holes would have been!

That said, because I've inherited a mean competitive spirit from my Nana, I am bound and determined to become an awesome golfer this summer.  Maybe then she'll let me play with the adults!

5) Getting a dog.

I am transferring to another storage facility in a couple of months. I will be moving there. I'm going to wait until after the move to figure out what dog would be happiest living there. So, we wait. I am determined though. I need a dog. I am good at doing things for others, but frankly, I suck at taking care of myself. I could go to therapy and try to figure out why I'm the last person on my list of people to take care of--and how this is going to kill me. But honestly, I think getting a dog is easier.

6) Paying Bills.

I've stopped ignoring my credit card bills. I've made a couple of phone calls about my student loan bills that will eventually turn into progress. I purchased health and dental insurance. Perhaps this year, I will start acting like an adult and get my credit score up to 250! (I'm joking... sort of.)

7) I am the second counselor in the Relief Society. I am in charge of the additional relief society meetings that we hold once a month. Well, I'm kind of an overseer. There is a much more competent woman in charge of the actual meetings. I sometimes conduct meetings. But really, and this is the part that you don't really think about when you imagine this calling--I spend time with the women at church. Last week, I spent the night at the hospital while a sister slept so she wouldn't feel alone. Tomorrow, Karen and I are going to stop by some of the women's homes and just leave them a St. Patrick's Day treat. More than this--I get to see the other women doing the same all around me. The Relief Society really is about charity and sharing love and service. I really love being a part of this organization.

8) My dear step-dad Brent was in the hospital for about 10 days after his surgery went horribly wrong. He is home and he sounds great! But he's lost about 60 pounds. This does NOT make me want to have my guts butchered so that I can experience this kind of quick weight loss. Please keep him in your prayers.

9) My Nana and Popop are incredibly active and very cute. We spent every night playing cards around the kitchen table. It was so much fun! My favorite moment was when my Uncle Doug, nursing a tasty alcoholic beverage, started singing "Send in the Clowns". Every night was a riot.

10) I really like laying out next to the pool and floating in circles in the water. My favorite thing to do is to make myself spin like a little tornado in the water. I don't think it counts as any form of exercise. It's just really fun.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Eve, I find you so fun and fascinating. Love this post! ps: loved your funny comment today in sunday school about language. you are great. PS: let me know if you want an invitation to my blog. I have gone private.