Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lotsa Music

Ever since I can remember, there's been music.

I can't live without it. It is everything.

And I don't even think I'm that good at it. I chose theatre over music. There were a lot of reasons why, but I think it came down to wanting music to be my own private joy.

Right now I'm feeling intimidated and overwhelmed with music. The joy is still there--but I'm working on two separate performance projects--and I haven't quite clicked with either project yet. I mean I love them both--but it's not easy yet. We're still at the "must super focus--must use every ounce of brain power to get this to work-" point. Once it clicks, you can kind of relax and actually enjoy the art of the art. But right now, I'm in super focus mode.

But today is Wednesday. Sweet delicious Wednesday.

On Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday--I listen to and study the music we're singing for 'Soulful Praise'-An Inter-Faith Musical Celebration of Priase through Gospel Music. I'm singing the alto line. Most of the songs are three parts and the alto line sits in the middle of the chord--so it's sometimes difficult to pick out. The biggest thing is making sure you over articulate the words and just get into it. It's gospel music! Of course, you can't hold your music. The words and the notes need to be memorized so you can really sink your teeth into the feel of the song. So for those three days, I focus on gospel music.

On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday--I listen to Monty Python's He's Not The Messiah--(he's a very naughty boy). This is an oratorio of the Life of Brian--sung in a style reminiscent of The Messiah with trills and frills. It requires a heady classical placement--but I'm supposed to also throw in a cockney accent as well. I'm the mezzo soloist--THANK HEAVEN--(yelled to the heavens because the soprano part is crazy high.)  It's complicated and incredible. The music has a hundred different styles including gospel, country, folk, calypso, and everything else you'd expect. It's a joy to sing--and we get to hold our music!! Although, I really wish I could memorize it.

But today is Wednesday. Today, I am listening to Radiohead, Neko Case, Fitz and the Tantrums, and whatever other band suits my fancy. Today I shall sing along with the radio! Or listen to NPR and NOT sing!

I love music--but going back and forth between an oratorio and straight up gospel music is hurting my brain. It's also exhilarating and absolutely divine.

I'll post more info on both events soon--but in case you're wondering now--
Soulful Praise--one night only--March 30th at 7pm at the Bountiful Regional Center--Free.
Not The Messiah--one weekend only--April 3-5th at 7:30pm at The Grand Theatre. Visit for tickets!


Nancy Roche said...

These all sound wonderful.

It shocked the hell out of me a few years ago to realize I don't care that much for music generally, which leaves me free to appreciate some bizarre musical esoterica.

Eve said...

I like it Nancy. I grow to appreciate you more every day. I went to the opera tonight! Pretty much rounded out this whole music appreciation line of thinking. It was beautiful!