Friday, March 28, 2014

Singing Gospel Music

Sometimes I miss Washington, DC.

But it's not the things you might expect.

I miss my students.

I miss their unadulterated and unashamed faith.

It seems that certain cultures... (white people mainly) are rather reserved when it comes to matters of faith. We have mastered the art of separation of church and state.

But in maintaining this separation, we lose some of our passion in faith.

My students were unabashed in their faith. They understood something about the power of emotion in their religion.

Mormons are super at logical faith. We witness with all the passion of a lecturer. Our tools for conversion are conversation and explanation. And we're very good at it. But we've almost gone too far down the path of logical explanation. And as a result--it's just as easy to undo someone's faith with any old strategic conversation.

Faith in Jesus Christ, while it is appealing to discuss the principles and merits in a detached manner--is based on miraculous, unexplainable phenomena. It requires emotion, passion, and an ability to let yourself jump off of a proverbial cliff in your mind and float in a sort of cosmos of magic and miracles. In order to be a Christian--you must allow that there are facets to your beliefs that simply cannot be explained. They must be experienced. Words fail.

But music comes close.

Sunday night, I'll be singing with a Gospel Choir. We are made up of a few faiths, including one Jewish woman.

We won't be preaching any sort of complicated doctrines. Just one song after another bearing witness to the miracle of Jesus Christ.

I enjoy singing, but this experience singing with this choir has been other worldly for me.

I can't explain it. I can only sing it.

If you have ever wanted to better understand some of the unexplainable parts of Christianity--come see this concert.

Sunday, March 30th at the Bountiful Regional Center at 7pm. It's free. Everyone is welcome.

(Take the 2600 South Exit in Bountiful. Go East--or right if you're coming from the south. Turn Right at the very next light--400 East--before the Village Inn restaurant. Follow the road for a couple of blocks. Very soon you'll see a giant white dome on the right side of the road. That is the Regional Center.  It is in North Salt Lake technically. Finding it on a map is difficult.)

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Stephanie said...

Beautifully put, Evey!