Friday, January 4, 2008

I was wrong

Sooooo. . .

I'm a little humbled.

But very pleased!! Go Obama Barack!

As for Huckabee--I knew he'd win it, but I can't say it pleases me.


Crystal said...

I would be lying if I said I did anything but take Valerie to school then watch the Caucuses all day... All.Day.

I am glad about Obama too! But I suspect I will vote for McCain in the unlikelyhood that he will get it. At this point though, I would rather vote for someone awesome, and most of the candidates are NOT awesome at all... I am thinking of symbols to attach to the candidates... I will give you my thoughts on the republicans first:

Edwards - fire and brimstone
Romney- a flip-flop (of course, some call it "mind changing")
Gulianni- a whip and stilletos
McCain- MIA/POW seal
Thompson- dentures and a cane
Paul- a swastica (or is that Bush... I digress)

The Democrats (who matter)

Edwards- a pitcher of sweet tea
Obama- a PC banner
Hillary- a metal chastity belt (baby)

Ta ta!!

love you~

MissHeather said...
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MissHeather said...

Technically you hoped for Obama... so your hopes came true. And I'm impressed you picked Huckabee. I didn't think he had a shot. But I don't like any of the republican noms anyway. Try living in Utah... everyone's on the Romney bandwagon. UGH!! I wish they'd read a little more and talk a little less.