Monday, January 7, 2008

US History starts tomorrow--strike that--today!

It's 2:11am. I'm reading about the different clans within American Indian traditions.

I think I'm a little nervous for my 4.5 hour class that I get to teach tomorrow night.

It's going to be good, but it's the first class of the term, and I'm just a little nervous about everything. I cancelled my dentist appointment in the morning.

It's gonna be fine!

I should stop posting and go back to reading!


Ace said...

Just wanted to wish you luck!!! You'll be great.

And yes. I do believe my Office Enthusiast Friend has other issues. It's for the best.

Crystal said...

How did it go? I stumbled a bit this morning for my first class, but yesterday and this afternoon were fine. It is interesting, the butterflies never go away, I dont think. I could hardly sleep Sunday night for the anxiety.

How often do you teach? Are you holding down multiple forms of employment?

Love you!!