Tuesday, October 14, 2008

List of things

During the past week I did the following things:

1. I drove to Philadelphia with an old friend from the mission.
2. I visited Ben Franklin's grave.
3. I visited Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell!
4. I fell in love with Philadelphia.
5. I had a great rehearsal Saturday afternoon. We got through 10 scenes in 3 hours. Kapow!!
6. I have been figuring grades for 6 classes.
7. 6 classes. Research papers. Tests. (This deserves another line.)
8. I went to a fireside in the DC Temple. This is the biggest temple in the world. It was wonderful!!
9. Choir practice.
10. Emailing and arranging for extra rehearsals.
11. I met up with old friend at a banquet with his parents for his grandpa's POW camp reunion. It was really cool. I was with total strangers, but I had a great time.
12. I signed with a talent management company so I don't have to find my own work. Wahoo!
Lots going on! I'll post pics later.


Miss Heather said...

Holy Cow! That's a crazy week!! I'm excited you signed with a talent agency. You'll get more work that way... you're so talented!

Melanie said...

Dude! That's productive!

Also, they have reunions for POW camps? That seems a little bizarre to me. . . but Yay for them! I bet that was cool.

Eve said...

The reunion was really neat. This was a camp of officers. Some of them were together in Poland for almost a year. Jon was telling me that Hogan's Heroes is pretty accurate about POW camps. You have to approve all escape plans. They don't really reminisce--they tour a different city for a weekend every year with family members and just renew old friendships. It was really touching.

Jensen's said...

Eve, I read your blog!!!! From Jennie Bowman Jensen