Sunday, October 5, 2008


According to the calendar, my monthly visitor should have descended upon me on Wednesday.

And according to this calendar, I cried over stupid things and felt the world closing in around me. I ate enough chocolate to feed a small country, finished off 2 half gallons of ice cream, and I've gained about 10 pounds in water weight.

But no monthly visitor.

My visitor helps me to cleanse. The aches and pains purge my body of the excess water and all the toxic gunk that affects both my physical and emotional health.

I woke up this morning in serious need of sanctification.

And so, I turned conference on my computer and proceeded to clean the outer vessel, while the word of God blessed the inner vessel.

I started by putting away laundry, then took out the trashes. I mopped the floors. I scrubbed the stove. I scrubbed the floorboards, cleaned the fridge, and finally--pulled out the touch up paint and went around painting all the scuffs in the house.

After 2 hours, I felt sanctified.

And to encourage a more thorough cleansing--I drank 3 fiber drinks today.


Sunshine said...

Okay, so I found this amazing stuff that you have to try. It is called Redmonds Clay. You can soak your feet in some clay mixed with water and... man I just can't even begin to say how good this stuff is. It cleanses your liver while giving you the needed minerals to your body. If you ever break out in zits you mix a paste and put it on there and they are mostly gone the next day.

The reason I mention this is because my monthly visitor has been so crazy for a couple of years. The last two months (since I started soaking my feet) my period has been right when I expected it. Yea!! Who would have thought that would have made me happy, but it does. So, if you so feel inclined try it. It is wonderful!

Eve said...

oooh good stuff!! The visitor came today. Yippee!! (I have gone months without it, and it totally messes me up physically and emotionally, so yes, I say Yippee!!)

You're so wise!