Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Seeing and Recognizing

I remember a moment on my mission where we were watching this gorgeous little 2 month year old baby girl stare at the sides of our heads. We realized that she was looking at very specific things--and not just staring off into space--when she started to smile. It was so clear that she was looking at something that we could not see.

The scriptures say that "Mine angels (are) round about you, to bear you up."

My companion and I smiled.

The baby's mother said, "What's she smiling at?"

We answered honestly. And somehow our answer made total sense to everyone in the room. Of course she could see angels. She had the purity to be able to see.

I think about that kind of purity a lot. Since that day, I've thought about how in our innocence we are able to see the things of God. Clarity comes from obedience. Illumination comes from virtue.

But I learned today that there is a difference between seeing and recognizing.

We can see in our innocence--but it is only through our experience, that we are able to recognize what we see.

So in our mature and fallen state we are able to recognize the things of God.

But can we see the things of God to recognize them when we've lost that innocent purity that we had as new babies?

Adam says in Moses: Blessed be the name of God, for because of my ctransgression my deyes are opened, and in this life I shall have ejoy, and again in the fflesh I shall see God.

I am so grateful for the experiences of this life that allow me to have joy in this life--and allow me to see and recognize God--even in my weak flesh.

What a beautiful blessing it is to be born and to live!


Crystal said...

Ah, I know that feeling of seeing a little soul who sees pure things. It is a blessing and it restores my soul daily. Babies bring out the absolute best, and most-tender part of my soul. My student had a baby yesterday and I spent an hour snuggling her in the hospital today. It never gets old. Angels are among us, and they help me (at least) know that we are surrounded by them even if we can't see them.

O Dryad! said...

I effing love Robert Downey, Jr!!!
How funny! I fell in love with him in Heart and Souls, rekindled, I suppose from Weird Science. I am very excited about the new Avengers movie. The way he talks just gets me. So confident and witty and his eyes. Married woman, married woman, married woman... Teehee.