Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Stream of Consciousness during Debate (grrrrrr.)

My friends, I'm sick of this election.

Obama and McCain need to smile a little. Neither of them were frontrunners in this election this time last year. Both men are a month away from possibly being the president elect. That's more power than I'll ever have, God willing.

Smile! Apparently you're both incredibly people.

I'm reading Trevayne by Robert Ludlum. This is a book on corruption in Washington--written under a pseudonym after the Watergate scandal. It's making me hyper aware of the kingmakers that run our country. It's scary.

Frankly, if both of these men keep their promises, all our problems will be solved.

So why is everyone being so negative! Stop trying to follow-up. Dang it!! I hate this debate.


Alicia said...

(Grrr-Boo-Hiss!) Couldn't have said it better my dear!

Miss Heather said...

Honestly, I can't watch the debates this election. I've tried and I just get super annoyed. I already know who I'm voting for and where he stands on things I care about... so I think both candidates should smile and be gracious. I don't think the debates are going to change many minds about who to vote for. Most have already made up their minds.