Saturday, January 30, 2010


I found some poetry I had written back in 2003.

Here it is:

Of Snowflakes and Stars
by Eve

Some fall Fast--Diving like
Torpedos toward the Enemy.

Others float and turn--dancing
About their Friends.

Others still seem destined to Sanctify
the Ground they touch
and they fall Solemnly towards Earth--
Not unaware of a Trampling--
Nor Forgetful of the the Stars,
Whose faces memory can't hold.

But like Cherubic Mercenaries--
they dust the Drought with soft kisses of Life,
Over and over
Again and again
They melt into the dying filth,
to rise up with the Spring,
Gathering the roots of death upwards and upwards until
Flower and Tree are once again
Kissed upon the face of Starlight.