Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I brought my book with me to the restaurant and ordered a veggie omelet. This was a first date and I never really get my hopes up for first meetings. I felt pretty because, well, because lately, I just feel pretty.

When he walked in, I almost gasped. I definitely let my face slide into a subtle grin. The man was perfect. About 6 feet tall, deep brown eyes, perfect lips. 38 years old, but crazy handsome so that he appears to be somewhere between 25 and 30. We asked each other all the requisite questions. The conversation was a little slow because he is Peruvian and working on his English. He would stop to ask me to explain a word and I began to appreciate his intelligence. He told me about learning Italian while he worked on an Italian Cruise Ship. He told me how he'd learned French growing up in Lima, but then decided to devote his time to learning English. We started talking about reading and our favorite books. We were both relaxed. I was quiet because I knew it was easier for me to understand his broken English than it was for him to process my stories. So I sat back and quietly asked him questions and he shared with me.

I was beginning to think the date was going to be a convenient English lesson between two friends when suddenly he stopped speaking and very innocently just stared into my eyes. I let myself lock eyes with him. It seemed a bit intimate, but why not?

After a few seconds of unbroken staring, he calmly said, "You have beautiful eyes." I replied, "So do you." Then we smiled and continued talking.

At this point, I was dying to say, "Check!" But, he was interested in learning more about me. So we talked for another 45 minutes.

After finally paying for dinner, he walked me to my car. I put my purse in the car and prepared to wait it out for a good night kiss. I leaned against the car and began searching the sky for stars. He leaned against the car next to me and we stared off into the sky looking at the stars, continually talking about everything and nothing.

I was careful not to touch him or seem too eager. The fact that I wasn't getting into my car made it pretty clear that I was interested. We stopped talking and just locked eyes again. We both smiled and enjoyed the anticipation.

He asked me, "When can I see you again?" I told him when, and then, when he had established that this wasn't just a one night non-commital make-out session--he leaned in and kissed me.

I'm home now. My stomach is doing flip flops and my knees are gelatin.

Good times.


Salmon Tolman Family said...

holy crap! are you for real?!! that sounds incredibley sexy!!!

CMS said...

My heart is pounding. I have many thoughts, but will call you (I promise) tonight. when is not good for you?

Alicia said...

Did this really happen? Because it sounds like a page ripped out of a novel I'm dying to read. Ok, maybe it's chick-lit, but I need more!!!

Melanie said...

Best Story EVER.

Melissa said...

Ah Eve, you are such a talented writer. :) And, I tend to have the same thoughts as all the other people who have left comments on here! Yowsa!

Bri said...

Way to do it, girl! Hahaha I just love this :)

Miss Heather said...

Yeah, I'm with Alicia... this sounds like something out of a SUPER SEXY romance novel!!!! I'm so excited for YOU!!!!

Eve said...

Of course we never went out again, but you tell yourself that it's true love so that you can just relax and enjoy kissing the guy instead of thinking, "Should I kiss this guy even though I'm pretty sure he's never gonna call me again?" Yes. Yes you should. Because life is short and it's much more fun to pretend that it's true love.