Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Nick Stone

I love photography. I love capturing a moment. To me, photography honors the magic of the present. So much of our time is caught up in imagining the future and reliving the past. But there are precious instances that you watch yourself in a moment and realize that the only thing you have is this moment.

Nick Stone is one of my favorite photographers.

For a while, I got to take actor head shots while living in and around Washington, DC.

Well, now Nick Stone is living in Washington, DC. If you want photos taken by a pro who understands what actors need, who understands the technology and artistry behind the camera, and who has studied acting, theatre, and film--check him out.

I asked him to send me a few samples of his work.

I really should edit this post, but honestly, I can't hold back. These photos speak for themselves.

The man is an artist.

To message him or see more of his work, visit http://nickstonephoto.com/

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