Monday, December 2, 2013

Opportunities to Give

Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat! Puhlease to put a penny in the old man's hat!

If you're looking for places to places to give your pennies, here are a few suggestions....

1) The 4th Street Clinic on the corner of 4th South and 4th West has a donor who is matching donations--$2 for every $1 you give--but only thru Dec 10th! They provide medical services for the very poor and starting in January they will be providing dental services.

2) Valley Mental Health--Store Front/Safe Haven--located at 550 West 700 South--provides housing and resources for the mentally ill. They're a great resource! They help people to find apartments where you only have to pay for 30% of your income. They will cover the rest. After that, you have 2 years to come up with the resources on your own to pay your rent.

3) The Rescue Mission--located across from the Maverick on 4th West and 5th South. They provide food and clothing for the homeless, but like most charities, they need cash as well.

All week, I've had grateful homeless friends come and talk about the many Thanksgiving blessings they received this past week. They had a big Thanksgiving feast at The Rescue Mission last Tuesday, where Governor Herbert served their food. On Wednesday, they enjoyed another big feast at the Energy Solutions Center where the Millers and the Utah Jazz players served the food, and on Thursday the Greek Orthodox Church served a big Thanksgiving Feast for lunch, and the Cathedral de Madeleine served a big Thanksgiving Supper that night. Various church groups have stopped by with hygiene kits, sack lunches, and one family even handed out $15 gift certificates to Denny's. I'm so happy to live in such a generous city.

I'm always most touched by the generosity among the homeless though. One gentleman received a $20 bill the other day, but felt inspired to give it to another homeless woman. She began to cry when she received it. He told me, "Every time I give something away, I get more blessings." If you keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities, God will provide the resources so that you can have the blessings of giving this holiday season.

Today, I am grateful for opportunities to give and for the good people of Salt Lake City! 

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