Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Wedding Post

 We got married.

It was wonderful!

Getting married requires a community. And over and over again, the community surrounds you, lifts you up and supports you into this beautiful new station. It is a communal feast of love and support. I'm trying to hold on to that love in a little book so we can look back on it and read the words of love that we read on that day. 

We got married on a budget. 

A very small budget.

But we had so many friends support us and love us. 

The kitchen bustled with lovely friends, generously serving our guests. 

The cakes were gifted to us from friends and family members who made each cake lovingly from scratch. 

The flowers were assembled by a dear friend. 

The table runners were sewn by hand by my sweet maid of honor.

She also made all the bowties, kerchiefs, and skirts for the ladies.

She lovingly put together the quilt with her daughter, mother, and then we tied it with my loved ones at the Bridal Shower. 

Musical friends sang and played at the reception, donating their gifts to our guests. 

Family members and friends assembled tables and chairs, ironed tablecloths, and helped warm delicious food. 

A dear friend snapped photos for us all night long. 

Family members and friends visited from places as far away as the Upper Peninsula in Michigan and North Carolina. 

Loved ones filled our tables with beautiful cards and gifts. 

Grandmothers chased happy little boys. 

Friends washed dish after dish after dish. 

I can't even begin to know how to express my gratitude. I'm overwhelmed. 

We are overwhelmed. 

You loved us into a family.

This is the groundwork on which we will build our future. 

We stand on a foundation of love, kindness, generosity, and more love. 

Thank you. 


Alisha Hagey said...

This is just lovely ... the way it should be. I was so saddened I couldn't be there as was my plan all along. But know that love was going your way.

You are truly a treasure and a delight.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful... congratulations to someone I admire so much!