Monday, May 18, 2015

Becoming a Parent

Becoming a mom has been very fun. This kid is hilarious. This morning, we ate eggs and an apple. And of course, chocolate milk. 

 Last week, he got into the office supplies upstairs and decorated himself accordingly.

He came down to my office while I was working to show off his handiwork. 

 Here he is busy at work at his desk. He created two vampires using staples, scissors, paper, and markers. I told him, "That's so neat!" He replied, "And CREATIVE!"

Yesterday, we went to Copperton and played on their beautiful park. He figured out how to swing across the rings. He's getting stronger every day. 

He is stubborn, adventurous, challenging, mischievous, and he's always thinking and creating. 

He's always going. 

I don't know how stay-at-home parents do it. Daniel goes to daycare in the morning and then to kindergarten. After school, his dad picks him up. Afternoons and evenings are fun and busy. I really enjoy my time in the office though. It helps me recharge before taking on the non-stop adventure of parenting. 

Yesterday, I was with him all day. We had a lot of fun. I really enjoyed being with him all day, but I can't imagine being home all the time. 

Antonio is a really great parent. I learn from him. And Daniel feels loved. 

I just feel happy. It seems like everything is going really well. I also feel a certain respect for my friends who parent full-time from home. Kudos to you. This working mama is happy for the team of people who help keep this boy challenged and growing.

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