Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Six-Year Old Discusses Making Babies and the Importance of Nutrition

I made a teensie weensie mistake.

I have been doing theatre and improv for a very long time. You guys know this. So what's the first rule of improv? Say yes!!

As we were driving over to Grandma's house, Antonio was trying to talk to Daniel about Lord of The Rings. 

Daniel said, "That is about the man who tries to get his dog to poop!"

And I said, "Yes!"

And Antonio sighed.

And I laughed.

And then we all talked about how funny Lord of the Rings Legos is because it is Legos with poop. 

Well, Daniel and I talked about how funny it was.

Antonio just sighed.

When we picked up Daniel from Grandma DeAnne's house after going to our Love and Logic parenting class-(a class I highly recommend)--I remembered another HILARIOUS moment where I had said yes and I should have said no.

We were at Lagoon on Monday and Daniel said, "You are going to have a baby!"

And I immediately said, "Yes!"

And laughed..

And Antonio.... sighed.

And I said, "And your other mommy is going to have a baby too!"

Because she is. And we all smiled and it was happy. Because he's 6 and it is fun to say yes.

But then I realized that he might tell his Grandma DeAnne that I was going to have a baby...

So I told her about my mistake.

And on the car ride home, I told him that I had said yes and I was wrong.

I told him that some day we might have a baby. But having babies is a very difficult thing and that I would be very happy if our family stayed just the same and that I was very happy with a cute little boy like him.

And then he said, "I want a baby sister!"

And I smiled and Antonio sighed.

And then Daniel said, "You should eat healthy every day so you can have a baby!"

And I asked, "Why?"

And he said, "Because that's how babies grow! You eat lots of healthy food and it breaks down in your tummy and grows into skin and bones and makes a baby. And you get fatter and fatter until you have a baby! So you need to eat lots every day!"

And I said, "You need to eat healthy too! What happens to the healthy food in your tummy? Will it turn into a baby too?"

And he said, "No!" (As though that was the most ridiculous thing in the world.)

And I said, "Where does the nutrition go then?"

And he said, "It will make my butt grow! And my weenie!"

And then Antonio finally let a little laugh out, but not too much because we were hanging on to every word.

And I said, "Is it important to exercise?"

And Daniel said, "Yes! Because it makes me strong! But not you! You cannot exercise."

And I said, "Why not?"

And Daniel said, "Because you have to get fatter to have a baby!"

And I said, "What if I went on a nice relaxing walk with Atticus?"

And Daniel said, "That would be okay!"

And I said, "What if mommy and daddy exercised together?"

And Antonio whispered, "Yes, what if we exercised together?"

And Daniel said, "That would be good!"

So to recap.

We are not having a baby.

I say yes too much.

Good nutrition is good for growing things.


Salmon Tolman Family said...

love this!!! absolutely love it!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't stop laughing I love this kid.