Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Monday Night Madness

Last night, I was feeling a little energetic.

A little ambitious.

I might have overplanned the evening a bit.

But I was so excited!!

We made playdough!!

He wouldn't hold still.

I made him glasses.

Well, I started stirring the playdough and realized that it was going to be very hard to stir and called Antonio in to finish it for me.

So he stood strongly at the pan and stirred the playdough until it was done cooking on low heat.

Before he did that though--he rescued me from my lack of preparation. You need cream of tartar for playdough. But I didn't realize we didn't have any until it was too late. So he just put twice the amount of vinegar in it--and it worked out perfectly! Because my husband is a genius!!

While he slaved over the stove--AFTER making us dinner first--I took on the daunting task of giving Atticus her bath.

Atticus doesn't know she's about to have a bath. That's why she's smiling.

She hates baths.

HATES them.

I generally wait until we just can't wait any longer--than I use it as an opportunity to mop the bathroom floor since the whole bathroom floor becomes a mess of water during the washing process.

The doggie forgave me for her bath and huddled onto her doggie bed while we created sculptures with playdough.

Daniel disappeared into our room for a moment before we put him to bed.

You'll note she is NOT smiling at me.

When we walked back into our room, we found Atticus huddled under a blankie. Daniel had sweetly covered her. I asked him why he had done that and he said, "Because she was cold!" I said, "You like taking care of your doggie. You do a good job." He said, "I love Atticus."

It was a good night.

Squishy selfies before bed.

After everyone was snuggled in bed--Atticus on her bed and Daniel in his bed, Antonio and I settled in and played Super Mario Brothers on the Wii.

It was awesome.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was Monday Night Madness.

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