Friday, August 7, 2015

Day of Hope/Day of Fun... Sort Of

Last Saturday, Antonio had to shoot an event at the Veridian Center. It was a fundraiser/carshow for the Children's Justice Center.

I took the boys. They did NOT enjoy it.

Well, they sort of did.

We lasted about 45 minutes.

Antonio took about 900 pictures.

They're super fancy and I WISH I had access to one of them... but I don't.

I took a few pics on my phone of the good times.

We only had a couple of minor (major) break downs.

The heat! Oh the heat!

The boys were happily playing on the playground.

After a while, I was worried that they were going to get sun stroke.

I made them leave the playground.

This was not pleasing.

I dumped water on their heads to cool them off.

This was REALLY not pleasing.

After cooling off, we ventured off to enjoy more of the Car Show. (Jaxon said, "I do not want to see any cars!"...He really didn't like that I dumped water on his head.... But later he asked his dad to pour more water on his head! So.....Yeah....)

Finally, after 45 exhausting minutes, we came home where we played video games.

The boys immediately began fighting, so I turned off the game.

At this point, I became the world's worst mother in the world--hated by all in the house.

Both boys ran to their respective corners and cried and I'm sure prayed to the gods of nintendo to curse me.


After a while, Antonio called and we went to go and get him and some much needed ice cream.

After an exhausting day of fun, play, breakdowns, video games, not playing video games, and all sorts of exciting adventures (did I mention we had balloons?)--the boys konked out in the middle of Dairy Queen.

We did our best to appear to have it together...

But I'm pretty sure Antonio would have been laid out on the benches too if he thought he could get away with it.

The boys adore each other. But they are not used to having to share with someone else. It is interesting to see how they play/love/and fight together. They're good for each other.

After we dropped off Jaxon, Daniel wept the whole way home. He just kept wailing about how much he loves Jaxon.

And I love Jaxon too!

It was so sweet to see Antonio with the boys that morning.

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